In the Dreamy Crowdsourcing & Crush-worthy Engagement panel at SXSW 2016, you’ll hear real details from four citizen science & historical crowdsourcing projects on how to rally your fans for meaningful contribution. Then learn why openly sharing resources & involving participants in design builds better spaces for engagement and research.

PARTICIPANTS of the panel contributed case studies about their projects to Crowd Consortium:

Ben Brumfield

[Partner, FromThePage] – Best Practices for Crowdsourcing: Collaborative Manuscript Transcription

Meghan Ferriter [Project Coordinator, Quotient Inc on behalf of Smithsonian Institution] – Learning to Trust the Crowd: Smithsonian Transcription Center Case Study

Mia Ridge [Digital Curator, The British Library] – Webinar Crowdsourcing 101: Fundamentals and Case Studies

Siobhan Leachman [Volunteer, Smithsonian Transcription Center]


SXSW Interactive

March 11-15, 2016

Austin, TX



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